Volcanic Eruption in Ngora District

The Rock named Moru Otukei which is located in Okisimo ward, Okisimo cell, Ngora Town Council is experiencing volcanic activity evidenced by the rumbling, boiling sound associated with too much heat. Cracks are also seen developing on the Rock and they are increasing in size day by day living the near by locals in great fear. The near by locals say that " they started experiencing the above signs on Monday, 18.03.2019 at around 10:00am.

On Thursday 21.03.2019, the Ag. Evironmental Officer Ngora district, after receiving the news rushed to Moru Otukei to assess the condition of the rock, and she confirmed that Volcanic eruption may take place. She advised the locals to stay away from the rock.




Saturday, March 23, 2019