Roads and Engineering

Anumber of sites have been handed over for construction and Road Woarks namely; Apama Primary school (2 clasroom block), Ngora Health Center IV (Maternity Ward), Kaler Primary School (2 classroom blcok), Kokodu Primary School (4 in 1) staff house) and Ngora Seed  School Odwarat (Seed School). Two sites ( Apama primary school and Kokodu primary School have been completed and handed, even commssioned ), the 3 sites are under way i.e. Ngora HC IV and Kaler and Ngora Sed School  Odwarat.

Pictures of what has been taking place as seen below


The roads and engineering sector is mandated to design, construct, rehabilitate and maintain civil infrastructure in the district. It’s also meant to provide technical advice and guidance to Council and the entire district during planning and implementation of development infrastructure.

 The sector is currently maintaining over 200 Km of District Roads, 30Km of Urban Roads and 184 Km of Community Access Roads.

The sector is at the forefront in support supervision for construction of school infrastructure, health centers, administrative centers and demonstration sites under production department.


To provide an effective technical arm for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of public infrastructure in Ngora district.


“An adequate and sustainable road net work that enhances economic growth”

 Core values

Prudence, Transparency and Integrity in service

 Specific Objectives

  • To improve and maintain an efficient and sustainable district infrastructure;
  • To increase office accommodation for district staff and council;
  • To provide and maintain adequate district fleet; and
  • To sensitize communities on road use, health and safety.

 Sector Strategies

  • Rehabilitating and maintaining existing roads;
  • Supervising and coordinating construction works in all sectors;
  • Repair, general service  and maintenance of the  district fleet;
  • Renovation of administrative units at Lower Local Governments;
  • Procurement of transport related facilities; and
  • Carrying out cross cutting mitigation measures.

 Activities / Programmes

  • Mobilization and sensitization of communities;
  • Assessments and condition surveys on infrastructure ;
  • Designing, inspection and approval of building plans;
  • Repair, general service  and maintenance of the  district fleet;
  • Manual routine maintenance of roads;
  • Mechanized routine maintenance of roads;
  • Periodic maintenance of roads;
  • Rehabilitation and Low cost sealing of roads;
  • Supervision and technical monitoring of district infrastructure.

 Achievements since 2010

  • Low cost sealing of 4.53km of Mukura Ngora Road;
  • Low cost sealing of 1.15km of District Headquarters Road Network;
  • Rehabilitation of over 87Km using labor base technology;
  • Received and maintained Road Construction Equipment (8No Unit);
  • Recruitment of 92 Road Workers (Gangs);
  • Opened over 58Km of Roads in rural areas;
  • Development of Road Atlas for LLGs;
  • Procurement of 3 Motorcycles for roads field staff.

 Improvement of transport network in Ngora district i.e. Mukura Ngora road Low cost seal project