Water and Sanitation sector started operating in 2010.The sector is headed by the District Water Officer (Civil Engineer/Water) and the staff composition is: District Water officer (DWO), Assistant District Water officer /Mobilization (ADWO/Mobilization), Assistant District Water Officer / Sanitation (ADWO/Sanitation), Assistant District Water Officer / Water Supply (ADWO/ Water Supply), Borehole Maintenance Technician (BMT) and Office Attendant.

The sector has realized increase in; access to safe water from 65% in 2010/2011 to 89% in 2017/2018, hand washing coverage from 52% in 2016/2017 to 53% in 2017/2018 and Latrine coverage from 86% in 2016/2017 to 87% in 2017/2018.

The major sources that provide clean and safe water are deep boreholes, protected springs and shallow wells. The level of functionality of this water sources is currently at 98% in FY 2017/18.

The sector is blessed with abundant surface water from Kyoga tributary. This has enabled The Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) upgrade the existing Water and Sewerage supply system that was commissioned in late 60s to provide more clean and safe water through piped water supply system located in Agu village, Agu parish in Ngora sub-county. This is will increase the number of taps from 40 to about 400 taps (projection) in urban and Rural Growth Centre’s.

MWE has put in support towards promotion of irrigation schemes for modern agriculture in Ngora District and first irrigation scheme is located in Tilling Village, Tilling parish in Kobwin sub-county (Gawa Irrigation Scheme) and has started producing agricultural products that include tomatoes, cabbage and water itself.

Four (4) old dams exist in Ngora District and these include; Alodo dam located in Kapir, Kobuku dam in Ngora Town Council, Kajamaka dam located in Mukura sub-county, Omaditok dam located in Ngora Sub-county. Out of the four (4), three (3) are fully silted and require major rehabilitation and1 is functioning i.e. Kajamaka dam but lacks O & M funds.



  •  To promote and improve hygiene at water source and household level.
  •   Improved access to safe water and sanitation facilities for rural, urban and water for production uses.



Advocate for fair environment for water for all but not for some.



Promote irrigation scheme in rural communities


Adopt new Technology of solar powered scheme and supply clean and safe water to water stressed communities.


Improved Water Resources Assessment, Monitoring, Planning, Regulation and Quality Management.


Activities/Programmes for 2018/2019

The sector is prepared to implement the following interventions before the close of FY 2018/19:

·     Drilling of five (5) deep boreholes at Ojukaiparish in Kobwin sub county; Kosim Village in Kobwin, Aputon parish in Kapir sub-county; Akeit parish in Mukura sub-county and Okwangai parish in Ngora sub-county two rolled over projects of 2017/2018 i.e. Akeit parish in Mukura sub-county, Agolitom parish in Ngora sub-county. We spend about ush; 125,000,000 (Rural Water Grant (RWG) 65,000,000 and DDEG Uganda shillings 60,000,000.

·      Construction of two stance latrine at Katengeto Island in Kodike, Kobwin Sub-county,ushs;12,335,000 (Funding from RWG) .

·     Construction and installation of solar powered scheme in Juwai – Kobwin Sub-county at ushs;107,000,000 ( Funding from RWG).This activity may be handled in phases because of its high initial cost but we have also enganged national water to provide an alternative and this will enable the sector select a fair option  to implement. we request for donor support with an objective of serving water to stressed communities.


Feasibility study proposes to be handled by sector staff under force on accout and this shall be approved by MWE (Funding from DDEG).


Since the commencement of Ngora District in 2010, we have drilled and rehabilitated 68 deep boreholes, constructed stances of latrines, trained WSC on simple book keeping and constructed  shallow wells.


In FY 2017/18, the Sector drilled boreholes in 4 LLGs of Mukura, Ngora, Kapir and Kobwin